Financial Strategies




We provide Financial Strategies. For many issues, there is an investment answer as well as a legal answer. There may also be an insurance answer. We integrate all possibilities and help you choose what is best for you.


  • Income tax preparation, strategies to reduce taxes, compliance, and IRS and state audits
  • Stock option exercise strategies
  • Estate plan preparation, gift tax filings, probate filings, review of life insurance
  • Real Estate transactions, purchase and sales, financing and entity choice
  • Entity formation for small business startups and compliance, negotiating purchase and sale agreements to acquire or sell a business
  • Review and negotiate employment contracts
  • Charitable giving strategies, entity formation and filing for IRS tax-exempt status, on-going compliance


  • Review of retirement, life insurance, college funding and other goals
  • Recommending proper investment strategies and investment allocation
  • Review of cash flow and debt management


  • Review of money managers and mutual fund portfolios
  • Review of life insurance and other insurance to determine recommendations, review of any other personal finance matter for clients, their children, their parents, etc. to determine recommendations
  • Client base includes executives of major corporations, entrepreneurs, private business owners, professionals, retired individuals and individuals with inherited wealth


  • Job change/new job - Comparing offers, evaluating company benefits, retirement planning
  • Marriage - Income tax and estate planning
  • Children - Life insurance and estate planning, college funding
  • House purchase - Cash flow and debt planning
  • Death in the family - Estate filings and handling of wealth transfers
  • New business - Entity formation, tax, estate and investment planning
  • Buying investments - Retirement planning
  • Investment properties - Legal, cash flow and debt and investment planning
  • Sale of investments - Tax and estate planning, investment of proceeds



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